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We offer traditional term loans and working capital loans with great rates and up to 4 years to repay.

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Business Term Loans are the most traditional and well-known type of small business loan. The borrower receives a lump sum that is paid back with interest via fixed monthly payments over a fixed loan term. Despite the inconveniences of this repayment schedule, many companies still prefer it over other financing options.

A business term loan is what most small business owners think of when they hear “small business loan.” The repayment terms and fee structure are straightforward. Borrowers receive the money and agree to pay it back by making regularly scheduled payments over a set period. The period is known as the loan term. In most cases the borrower makes fixed payments every month for a set repayment term.

We work closely with partners to provide the best credit financing solutions for our clients.  An example term loan is a conventional fixed rate loan in amounts of between $20,000 and $500,000.  We can have an answer quickly and fund shortly after the approval.

Business term loans offer a reliable and straightforward way for businesses to access capital, manage cash flow, and invest in growth opportunities.

Included Industries:

Gas Stations
Convenience Stores
Dry Cleaners
Liquor Stores
Pet Care
Hotels & Motels
Other Personal / Professional Services

Uses of Business Term Loans

  1. Expansion and Growth: Term loans are ideal for funding significant growth initiatives like opening a new location, expanding or remodeling existing property, or buying a new building.
  2. Employee Recruitment: They provide the necessary capital to hire more employees, supporting business expansion.
  3. Equipment and Machinery: Purchasing new equipment, machinery, or software essential for business operations is a common use of term loans.
  4. Inventory Management: They can cover upfront costs for projects or inventory, ensuring smooth operation and expansion.
  5. Debt Refinancing: Term loans are also used for refinancing existing debt, often leading to more favorable terms and interest rates.
  6. Building Customer Base: They can be utilized at almost any stage of a business’s growth, including efforts to build up a customer base or explore new markets.

Business term loans are a vital financial instrument for businesses, offering numerous benefits and a wide range of applications.